Perfect Cleaners provides Home Watch services for customers in Naples and the surrounding areas. We believe that your home or condominium is one of the most valuable and significant investments you will make in your lifetime.

At Perfect Cleaners, we believe that your most valuable investments should never become a source of worry or concern while you’re not home. Whether you’re away short or long-term, our goal is to provide you peace of mind during your absence.

Perfect Cleaner’s Home Watch provides complete, affordable home security and inspection services. If you’re ready to give up sleepless nights, we know we can be of assistance.


  • Coordinating schedules with service contractors

  • Digital photos taken of any damage or anything concerning

  • Before and after photos taken of any handyman services

  • Inspect craftsmanship of contractors and email pictures of completed work

  • Accept deliveries

  • Accept deliveries of automobiles

  • Interior electrical systems checked, checking all fans, lights and timers

  • Check circuit breakers

  • Check all windows and doors

  • Check alarm systems are working properly

  • Check pool systems operating correctly and on schedule

  • Check climate controls/humidistat controls

  • Check for tap water leaks

  • Check for mold/mildew

  • Make sure refrigerator and freezer working correctly

  • Monthly run of dishwasher rinse cycle

  • Monthly run of washer short cycle

  • Monthly run of garbage disposal

  • Run water in drains

  • Flush and monitor toilets/covering when gone

  • Start / Run automobiles

  • Visual inspection of boat/dock

  • Follow up on lawn and pool care

  • Check for mail

  • Check phone & TV are working

  • Check water heater for leaks

  • Check A/C units and air handlers

  • Storm Preparation